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This years blood donation report period ends on the last day of June. Any blood donations reported after that date will be applied to next years report period.

The American Red Cross Blood Donation Eligibility Requirements (click HERE )

The Supreme Vampire is requesting that ALL donating Cooties now report their own individual donations online. (if someone doesn’t have internet access, they should call their Seam Squirrel, CCDB, or Grand Commander to have them file the report in their name.)

This online form will eliminate the need for reporting through a Pup Tent Chairman and then to a Grand Chairman and finally to The Supreme Chairman. All Pup Tent and Grands may choose to retain their own Chairmen for their own record keeping if they choose to but whenever any Cootie reports their donation online, the information is automatically entered into a data base. The Supreme Vampire will now be able to email any donation information to anyone, at any time. We can let you know how many Cooties from your Grand donated and how much or when or anything else you may wish to know.

If you have any questions or comments about this policy, please send a private message to The Supreme Vampire using the form at the bottom of this page.


Individual Cootie on-line Blood Donation Form.

June 1st. 2019 thru June 30th. 2020

( you will receive a copy of this form for your records )

Individual Units donated this visit. Whole Blood, Plasms, or Platelets all count as one unit. For individual blood donations enter 1.
If you are reporting for a Cootie sponsored Blood drive, enter that blood drives total units donated here.

Please prove you are human by selecting the Heart.

To send a private message to the Supreme Vampire

use the form below.

You will receive a copy of this form in your email for your records.

Please prove you are human by selecting the Car.

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